ivr systems for pharmacies

Benefits of an IVR System for Pharmacies

ivr systems for pharmacies

An IVR system is an Interactive Voice Response system that many people have encountered at some point or another. These systems are often heard when calling commercial businesses to pay bills, find out business hours, get technical support, and more. While some systems involve using a keypad to select menu options, more advanced systems allow customers to speak as they normally would and be connected with the right individual.

Pharmacy owners have debated over the years as to the effectiveness and benefit of IVR systems. Many believe they remove the personal touch from doing business, as customers may enjoy not having to navigate several menus to handle tasks. However, when you consider the advantages, there is no doubt that these systems are beneficial for businesses.

You don’t have to worry about the phone

Answering phones manually may make doing business more personal but it also takes time away from accomplishing other tasks and business operations. When the phone rings, staff members will likely have to stop what they’re doing, which interrupts their work flow and decreases productivity. It can also make interacting with patients inside the pharmacy difficult, as staff may need to stop in the middle of interactions to answer phones.

Refills are made much simpler

With ivr systems for pharmacies, patient refills are much easier to process and fulfill. If your pharmacy does not have a technological way to input refills, they will need to be manually input into computer systems to be fulfilled. With an IVR system, patients can request refills using prompts and the data is sent directly to the computer system. This adds convenience and allows refills to be submitted anytime.

Considering an IVR system for your pharmacy? They’re convenient for both patients and pharmacy staff, increasing productivity and making pharmacy operations easier.